Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shooting Will

This was Will's first real photo shoot ever. I think he did a great job. Between you and I, Will hates this picture. And I don't know why. Why do you hate it Will? But again, for this to be his first shoot I think he did a great job. Big ups to you dog!! Will saw some of my work online, contacted me and drove all the way up from Memphis for the shoot. There was one other runner up picture that I was considering:
But I think I went with the best one. But Will and I did catch some great other shots that day outside of the series. Here are a few:

Again, Will did an amazing job to be his firsts shoot ever!

1 comment:

Will said...

LMAO....Seven you silly dog. I like the pic man. Just took some getting use to seeing myself in that nature.lol. However i enjoyed shooting with and learned alot. I would make the next series much better. lol...continued success.