Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Out Takes!! (Images I didn't Use In The Series)

I didn't include this image of Jamaine in the series because we had so much other shooting to do that day, so by the time we started shooting for the series it was already dark outside and I had to create lighting for the shot. I wanted the whole series to be done with natural light, not man made. But I will definitely use him in my next series. He is a real cool dude and very easy to work with.
Miss Lyss and her fiance. I didn't use there pictures for two reasons. One, they got lost on the way to the shoot for a while. So by the time they got here all the natural lighting was gone. So once again, I had to create light. And as I stated before, I wanted this series to be all natural lighting. The second reason was, this image and a lot of them came out just a little bit too sexual. I mean what did I expect, they are a real couple and they are really in love! Isn't it obvious? Here are a few more.

Again, if it wasn't for the lighting they would of made it in the series for sure. Thanks to both of your for your time and understanding. And I wish you the best with your relationship and we will work together again!

Ken!! I really loved this image, but it just didn't fit. There is a lot of action going on in this image but the rest of the images are kind of laid back. He almost looks like a fighting Praying Mantis (I mean that in a positive way of course.) One day I will get to use this image for something because I really do love it. Thanks again to you Ken, for your great posing and understanding.

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cingular said...

what can I say but "AWESOME" clean, sexy, romantic; FAB! You Go SEVEN :)