Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shooting The First Male and Female Together (Najuan and Tasha)

These two had just met about five minutes before we took this shot. I knew Najuan because I shot him before, but I had just met Tasha over the internet about a week prior. She was looking to do some artistic pictures with a male. I felt like the universe presented us to each other. Because I thought it was going to be difficult to get the first female to pose with a male with them both being nude. Not that its so hard, but there are so many slime ball photographers out there giving the rest of us a bad name that I counted on meeting some resistance when dealing with women with this series. But Tasha was a strong, confident woman and again she was looking to do some artistic pictures herself.

They arrived to the shoot early on a Saturday morning. I introduced them and then we had "the talk." I just put it out there. I told Tasha that Najuan is a man and she is a very attractive woman and you both are going to be nude and oiled up so there is a chance that things might rise during the shoot and that it was only natural. And if that did happen and she became uncomfortable we would stop shooting immediately until things calmed down. She laughed and said she would let me know if became uncomfortable. So after the talk they both jumped into the spot and I let them just stand there for a minute with their towels on to get a little comfortable.
Then we began shooting. You have to always make sure your models are comfortable or you will shoot will reflect the uncomfortableness. But not only that, there is a trust factor between photographer and models that i feel a photographer must maintain! Another tip, when talking to a model about shooting artistic, if they are hesitant at all it's not worth it. Everybody is not meant to shoot artistic pictures. If they have any reservations about it, they are not a good candidate. It's just not worth it. It will show in the pictures and it will just be time wasted. The model has to be comfortable with themselves before they could ever be comfortable with you. So keep that in mind. Again, if your models are comfortable, the result will be hot pictures.

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