Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shooting Fitz

Fitz, what can I say? Well, firstly he is a real cool dude with a promising future. He needed to ad some more commercial, fun stuff to his port, so he made his way over a few days after the tornado's ravished Atlanta. It was another rainy, gloomy day in ATL, but things got brighter once our shoot started. He is not the type of dude that likes to smile at all and you will rarely ever catch him smiling. However, I managed to pull it out of him. He is also multi-talented! He is a model (print and runway), an actor (shot his first independent film this winter and just got cast in a Major Motion Picture to be shot in Hollywood this summer) and an up and coming Ultimate Fighter! So don't get shit twisted and step to Fitz on some next shit because he will knock a nigga out! I really believe that this dude has a real future ahead of him. Oh, and he is doing all of this and doesn't even have an agent. That is sheer determination! Also, look out for Fitz in my 2009 Calender. Here are a few more images from our shoot:


Sky said...

These shots are really commercial and I love it. I want to shoot with you Seven.

Roz said...
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