Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally, my series "Sweat" has arrived!!!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone involved with making this series happen. I thank each and every one of you. I would also like to give an extra thanks to those who didn't make the final cut for understanding. Believe me, it was nothing you did because you are all beautiful. But it was more of a reflection of the picture i took that I wasn't too pleased with. We will work together again and make it happen.
I was inspired to do this series about a year ago. But as all know life throws things at you to get you unfocused, but I figured it was now or never. Even though this series is not exactly where I would like it to be, I felt like it was time to bring it to life and share it with you. I hope you can appreciate and enjoy it. Please leave me some love and let me know what you think. I would love to hear your opinion. Until next time, remember, CREATIVITY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND!! So please share yours. Also drop me a line if you want to be in my next series.


Tavares said...

This series is bananas bruh....Some images are hott to the point of feeling the desire to jump in an olympic size pool while others make your body temp rise and make you wanna grab that ole Luther CD and go half on a baby...;)

Anonymous said...

Good to see you finally followed through with your project.

Anonymous said...

Seven is completely amazing and will take the photography world by storm. I see endless possibilities. Make it happen!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I see some very good stuff here brother!!! Can't wait to see you.

Keep it up!!!